The team at Hyveria are dedicated to  bringing players an innovative Hytale Server that exceeds expectations. We are consistently creating new content and features for players to enjoy. Hyveria has a select team of staff that consists of the best developers, modelers, and administration team in the industry. Members can also visit our discord here to enjoy a first-hand experience engaging with our staff team and the broader Hytale community.

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After a dreadful era of war and despair. A new era begins, known only as Hyveria. After decades of persevering leadership, the final King has passed away. No heirs have dared to claim the throne from the ruins. Who will rise up to lead the people of this forgotten land? Will it be you?

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Whether you're a scavenger, alchemist, adventurer, or fighter, Hyveria is fit for all playstyles! Create your kingdom today!

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