Hyveria | Dev Blog #001

Hello everyone, it's been awhile but we're excited to get back on track with Hyveria. Behind the scenes we've been working on A LOT! Today we've got our very first Dev Blog! In today's Dev Blog we'll be showing off TOWNS! Unlike "Hyveria Season Beta" Towns will not be player made. (There will still be a group system more on that in a future Blog Post) Currently we have over 5 planned towns in the world of Hyveria, each town will be diverse in it's game play ranging from varieties of economy, casinos, stables, and much much more! Although we don't want to give too much out today but here's what you can expect from 2 towns we've been working on, take a look.


Relating back to the original spawn from Hyveria we decided to step it up a notch and expanded the town to be over 500 blocks in size! Upon scavenging the town you'll find numerous NPCs, the Stable Master, Over 8 different shops, the “Auction House” a couple more surprises which we’ll keep for a secret a little longer! :) Of course, each Town will be taking advantage of the redesigned Hyveria Resource Pack which we overhauled, but we’ll save that for another blog post as well!

Without showing too much off here's the center of the town. Welcome to Hyveria!


This one holds a special place in all of the builders hearts who helped designed the layout of this town, it’s one of the biggest meaning we packed A LOT in here. Roaming the streets you’ll be treated with the smells of strawberries and bananas being selled by traders, a bit deeper into the town you’ll discover the casino (One of our personal favorites.) Gamble to your hearts content, but don’t say we didn’t want ya! Of course to match the desert theme we had to introduce a specific stable you’ll only be able to find here. Of course that is the donkeys, which will make travelling around the world of Hyveria a whole lot easier! Safely transport your goods all across the world. There’s a plethora of more features to enjoy from The Oasis, but we don’t want to show off too much today.

And again, here’s your first glimpse for the Town of The Oasis, note everything is (NOT FINAL)


Yeah, well this isn’t exactly a town… but! They will be your best friend when it comes to travelling around the world of Hyveria. This season's approach we decided to take away teleportation. Players will have to earn their ways of different towns and economy by travelling to them. Roads act as a way to aid the player into finding the nearest town. Think “world of warcraft” but let’s combine it with building and of course Hytale!

That’s all we’ve got for you guys today but don’t worry, we’ll try to aim and make this a weekly thing, as always you can stay up to date by joining our discord using this link: https://discord.gg/PS4xAnP We’ll be sure to keep teasing more and more cities so stay on the lookout! Give us your feedback and let us know how you feel! We have a lot in the works and we’re aiming to make this the best Hyveria season yet!

- Hyveria Team



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So will the map be reset?
Yes, Ciaran. The upcoming update is the biggest update and biggest change Hyveria has ever had. It will no longer function like the old Hyveria Towny server and no longer feature Towny for players, but there is a grouping system and lots of other exciting things we can’t reveal yet that really make this new update unique from most other servers. This new Hyveria server is a gigantic step-up from the old Hyveria Towny server and i’m excited to play this server!